Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the Besties Membership program & the graphics.

If you have any other questions feel free to email info@happydoodles.net. 

Can I use the Clip Art Graphic bundles to create digital designs to sell? YES! The Happy Doodles website was created with digital designers in mind. You can use all of the clip art graphics, backgrounds, frames & alpha sets on the site to make your own digital products to sell. All I ask is that you do not sell or giveaway anything as is.  See transformative guideline examples below.
Clip Art, Frames, & Backgrounds: you will need to combine elements, frames, backgrounds, and/or text to create something NEW! Also make sure to overlap or crop when creating so that the original graphics can not be extracted.  
Alpha Sets & fonts: Can be used as is to create words, phrases or use letters as accents in completed designs. (can not be resold as a complete alpha set)
Fillable Blank Alpha Sets: Can be filled with your own patterns and sold as completed alpha sets. Must be filled and flattened so that the original font can not be extracted. 
Digital Papers & Patterns: Can be used as backgrounds or pattern fills for fonts or shapes. Can not be resold in the original format or as a backsplash.
Are there any limits to downloading the graphics bundles? You can download the new and current graphics at anytime from the emailed download links that are sent to you after purchasing. There are no time limits to download. You are allowed 3 downloads per product. But if you ever find you need more, just email me at info@happydoodles.net and I can reset it for you!
Can I sell on Print On Demand sites? YES! Once you have combined elements, backgrounds, text etc and created a new complete designs you can sell on POD websites. Follow transformative guidelines as shown above.
Can I sell embroidery design files? YES! As long as you have combined elements as previously stated to create a new complete design you can then digitize that design and sell as an embroidery file.  Follow transformative guidelines as shown above.
Can I change the colors or patterns? YES! You can change colors, patterns, crop, and adjust to suit your needs.
Can I request custom graphics? At this time I am only taking suggestions for bundle themes. Be sure to join the Facebook group to voice your suggestions and vote on new designs!
Will you offer any graphics from movies, shows, celebrities, cartoon characters, popular singers, brands, etc? NO! You will not find any of those type of graphics here. I always want to try to protect myself and my customers to the best of my ability.
What are my membership options? Right now we offer a MONTHLY BOX, a QUARTERLY or a BI-ANNUAL membership plan, all with auto renewal. This means if you choose Quarterly, you will automatically be charged the quarterly price every 3 months. If you choose Bi-annually you will automatically be charged every 6 months. If you choose the Monthly Box you will be billed once per month. 
Will my price ever increase? NO! The rate that you subscribe to will be the price you pay forever! Prices will be increasing as more art is added, so lock in your price now!!
Can I cancel my membership at anytime? YES! You can easily cancel your membership at anytime by going to your account page.
**Please note, you must cancel BEFORE your renewal date to avoid being auto charged. Cancellations are effective immediately and no refunds will be issued for any remaining portion of your membership**
Do you offer Refunds? NO, Due to the digital nature of these products, we do not offer any refunds. However, if you are unhappy with any of our products please reach out to info@happydoodles.net and we will be more than happy to try to resolve your issue.
Join the Facebook Group for updates, new design announcements, contests, giveaways, to personally ask questions & request new themes, and more!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/happydoodlesclipart